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Work on interesting investment and measurement challenges with a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in quantitative analysis for a wide variety of problems in many different industries.

Desired Skills & Experience

These are the types of skills that are common to positions that we advertise such as Quantitative Analyst and Project Manager:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree demonstrating skills in quantitative and scientific methods (math, statistics, science, quantitative finance, etc.); advanced degrees including PhD’s a plus.
  • Must be a “power user” with Excel. We work directly in front of clients who are themselves proficient in Excel.
  • Creative problem solving is a requirement. Clients will need assistance defining abstract problems and describing solutions.
  • Experience with managing projects autonomously is required. Experience with leading teams a big plus.
  • Must be proficient in research, statistical methods, financial models, Monte Carlo simulations and other quantitative methods (from job experience or academic training).
  • Must have an interest and aptitude for mastering a variety of technical topics including mathematical methods, programming, technical professions, and industries.
  • A high level of skill with speaking, writing, and client interaction is required.
  • Attention to detail with writing and models is required.
  • Experience with statistical and mathematical languages such as R or SPSS.

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