Advanced Calibration Methods (CBT and Live Workshop)

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The Advanced Calibration Methods (ACM) course is a combination of Computer-Based Training (CBT) and Live Workshop with a follow-up observation session is for already calibrated people and includes everything that somebody needs to run their own calibration session:

  1. ACM module completed via CBT (1 hour)
  2. ACM Live Workshop delivered via Webex (2 hours)
  3. Private follow-up observation (3 hours)
  4. One-on-One coaching after the observation session

The private follow-up observation occurs when the purchaser gives their first live calibration training in their organization or elsewhere. The purchaser is responsible for making all the arrangements (confirm scheduling, remote call-in invite, etc.) for remote attendance of the HDR staff observer.

How to Sign Up:

1. Select a date in the drop-down menu below for the Live Workshop portion of the Training and add to cart. Then, fill out your order information when you go to check out.


2. If you can’t make one of the scheduled dates listed below, you can still sign up and receive a recording. All registrants receive a recording of the presentation, even if they cannot attend. Please complete the CBT prior to attending the Live Workshop or working through its recording.

3. If you can’t make one of the currently scheduled dates, email us so we can send you the next set of dates as soon as they become available.

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Advanced Calibration Methods (ACM):

This training module builds on the techniques of the previous calibration training by teaching you how to calibrate others and also how to add even more methods that measurably improve expert estimates.  This training includes the following:

  1. The “why” and “how” behind the calibration procedure
  2. Using the calibration spreadsheet tools and training material.
  3. Diagnosing common problems and misconceptions in calibration and responding accordingly
  4. Performance-weighting methods for aggregating the estimates of multiple experts which measurably outperform other methods
  5. How to measure and compensate for expert inconsistency using the "Lens" method.

Participants in this training module also receive follow up observation and coaching.  An HDR expert will observe calibration training that the participant gives.  This session will be scheduled after the Advanced Calibration Methods Live Workshop has been conducted.

Prerequisite: Calibrated Probability Assessment training is required to take Advanced Calibration Methods training. This can be purchased separately here.

The cost of Advanced Calibration Training is $875. This price assumes that the individual has already gone through Calibration Probability Assessment training. ACT is slightly more than the calibration session because it requires more individual attention from HDR resources and it is a license to use the material.


CBT Module: Each participant will receive an email from Wordpress with the information needed to complete the self-paced online learning portion of the training. Please complete the CBT portion of the course before you attend the Live Workshop.

Please note: All CBT modules are delivered via LearnDash in a User account. You'll be given an option to create a User account upon check out. If you do not create an account at that time (or do not already have one), you will be prompted to create one.

Live Workshops: Once in the CBT module, you'll choose a Live Workshop session and a calendar appointment containing the Webex invite will be sent to your calendar. Just click on the link to join the Webex on the scheduled day.

Following any Live Workshop, each participant will receive another email with:

  1. A recording link to the live presentations
  2. Continued access to the self-paced online training
  3. The slide deck used in the presentation
  4. Any spreadsheet tools used in the training

Schedule a Private Webinar for Your Organization

We offer private webinar sessions for an organization with special discounted group rates. Contact us for more information and to schedule your next training session.

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Advanced Calibration Methods (complete CBT prior to Live Workshop)

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