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Certification Exam for a Level I Analyst - Hubbard Decision Research

Certification Exam for a Level I Analyst


Sign up for the next Level I Certification Exam for the Applied Information Economics method. A Level I Certified Analyst is qualified to perform supervised work in AIE analysis.

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The AIE Level 1 Certification Exam consists of the following 2 timed sessions:

  • 3 hour exam – Multiple Choice (55 questions, 80 minutes) and Short Answer/Essay (17 questions, 100 minutes)
  • 2 hour 30 minute exam – Spreadsheet modeling

Both testing sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the candidate.  The 2 sessions are conducted on consecutive days.  Results are available in about a week.  Exams are delivered to you via email with a time limit in which they must be emailed back.  Feel free to use all the resources at your disposal – books, notes from webinar sessions, etc.

Candidates must get an 80% aggregate score with no less than 70% on any of the 3 parts.

While taking the AIE Analyst Training series is not necessary to purchase and take the exam, the cost of the exam is included in that package purchase.  Click here for more information on the AIE Analyst Training package.

Contact us to schedule the exam time.


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