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Course Description:

This course introduces the tools and techniques you need to start building basic Monte Carlo simulations in native Excel, without any Visual Basic or special add-ins. If you have not yet purchased or enrolled in this course, please click here.


Scroll down to see the course syllabus and information about your instructor. At the bottom of this page is the list of online modules for this course. Click on the name of the first module to get started, or simply press the “Start Course” button below. Required and optional materials can be downloaded from the “Materials” tab above. Please download the Basic Sims in Excel spreadsheet and follow along with the examples in the videos. Further instructions are included in the introduction video in the first module.

Course Syllabus


Learn how to build Monte Carlo simulations in Excel, utilizing probability distributions and pseudo-random number generators.




  • CBT Modules: 4 (approx. 1 to 3 hr)
  • Quizzes/assignments: 4/1

Materials Provided

Basic Sims in Excel worksheet (see Materials tab above)

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Jonathan Murphy is the Director of Product Management for Hubbard Decision Research (HDR). Under this role, Jonathan has become a skilled practitioner of Applied Information Economics, with expertise in applying methods such as Monte Carlo simulation, Bayesian analysis, modern portfolio theory, and many others. He has utilized his knowledge of applied mathematics, probability, and economics to solve a variety of decision and measurement problems for more than a dozen clients.

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Please download the following spreadsheet to follow along in the course examples and to answer review questions.

Basic Sims in Excel (Participant version).xlsx

This is a paper written by Doug Hubbard about the pseudo random number generator we use. It is not required for the course but is provided for your reference.

Final Hubbard WSC PRNG version dwh 8 21 2019.pdf