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These Two Problems Are Why Innovation Initiatives Fail

Overview: The most common reason organizations fail at innovating might not be what you think Defining what innovation means to an organization is critical for success Even the best-defined innovation initiatives fail if they aren't properly measured Innovation has...

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Are We Already In a Recession?

Overview: Fears of a recession are rising as experts attempt to predict when a recession will officially occur Forecasting a recession, for most practical purposes, is irrelevant to decision-makers Decision-makers need to ask the right questions that will help them...

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Measuring the Value of Ideas: A Superhero Movie Case Study

What follows is a tale that, for business people, reads like a Shakespearean tragedy - or a Stephen King horror novel. It starts with the recent history-setting success of Avengers: Endgame and the notion that an idea has value - and if you don’t see it or won’t...

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