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WE'RE excited to bring the forefront of decision science to your next event

Whether it’s a global convention or an intimate seminar, I’m here to impart my proven methodologies to your audience. Covering topics from cybersecurity to comprehensive risk analysis, my approach simplifies complex data and uncertainty, seamlessly connecting academic insights with practical enterprise applications. Join me, either in person or virtually, for interactive sessions crafted by our team at Hubbard Decision Research.

Learn How To Measure What Matters

With Interactive Live Workshops Presented By Doug Hubbard

    Conventions and live events

    Book Doug for your next convention, large or small. His enterprise expertise in cybersecurity risk management, risk analysis and measurement in general turns complex topics into accessible insights, merging academic knowledge with practical business strategies. Doug’s 25+ years of delivering engaging keynotes to a variety of audiences will ensure your event is a success!

    Seminar PLUS

    Designed for up to 20 people at your location, will show your team how any aspect of cybersecurity risk analysis, decision-making performance, or project management can be measured. These seminars combine training and practical application to measure real-world issues in your organization.

    This seminar is also available for delivery in a timeframe designed for your organization.

    Virtual Events

    Bring Doug Hubbard’s expertise in decision analysis and Applied Information Economics directly to your audience. High-definition streaming, engaging Q&A sessions, and customizable content tailored to your organization’s needs.  Unparalleled expertise meets unmatched convenience.


        Phone Consultations


        Get a 1-on-1 audience with Doug. For a quick answer about a measurement problem, Doug Hubbard will discuss your measurement dilemma with you in an enlightening one-hour phone consultation.


            Interviews and Podcasts

            Tailored for the curious mind, Doug’s sessions provide actionable insights and methodologies that can transform business strategies and personal effectiveness. Each interview or podcast with Doug is crafted to suit your audience’s interests, ensuring a compelling and thought-provoking experience. These sessions are available globally and can be produced with minimal costs.

                Transformative Management Techniques for Analysts, Managers, and executives

                Covering topics from cybersecurity AND comprehensive risk analysis To Decision Science and project management