“AIE’s strength lies in its ability to conduct a true risk/return analysis based on proven methods that have a known statistical validity…With its mathematical, statistical, and economic underpinnings AIE provides investment decision-makers with a high degree of confidence in its results.”

Craig Symons

Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving CIOs, Forrester Research

“The AIE process was a real eye-opener. It not only provided us with tools to measure observable outcomes, it also provided a means to look more introspectively at how people make observations and calculations … it proved to be a great life skill about how to reduce uncertainty and better manage risk.”

Greg Maciag

President, ACORD

“The most surprising result was that even our ‘simple’ forecasting algorithm consistently outperformed human experts.”

Paul Predki

VP R&D in Molecular & Protein Biology, Life Technologies

“Ask about ROI numbers for an IT project and you often hear that the benefits are great, but too soft, too intangible to be measured. Doug Hubbard begs to differ…. Hubbard has made a career of finding ways to measure things that other folks thought were immeasurable. …If you’d like to fare better in the project-approval wars, take a look at this book.”

ComputerWorld, August, 2007

“The VA Team was so impressed by the measures developed that they believed that other agencies could use them to meet the requirements of the Government Information Security Reporting Act.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs