How To Measure Anything in Project Management:

The Complete Analyst SERIES

Advanced Project Management Insights for Analysts, Managers, Decision Professionals, and Executives

This is HDR’s most comprehensive Project Management training webinar series. It consists of a total of  25 hours of training delivered in 12 separate courses. Participants will learn how to apply quantitative analysis which measurably improves on expert judgement even in the most complex situations and with limited data. By the end of this training, there will be no “intangible” you can’t measure and you will completely rethink what and how you measure things to support the biggest decisions you make.

12 Course Bundle

Including 7 Live Workshops Presented By Doug Hubbard

    Live Course 1: An Introduction to How to Measure Anything in Project Management

    You will learn why many of the common flaws in widely-used methods in project management actually add significant risk to your projects. With the power of empirically validated quantitative methods, you will learn the techniques you need to apply to improve your project management procedures.


      LIVE Course 2: Practical Probabilistic Methods in Project Management

      In Course 2, you will learn about specific statistical methods that you can apply right now in your organization to improve your estimates of likelihood of events that could impact the completion of a project (such as cancellation risk, overrun risk, etc.). You will be provided with the tools you need to create and update baseline estimates by leveraging your own data in a way that can improve your forecasts allowing you to make better decisions.

          Live Course 3: Measurements that Matter: Advanced Analytical Techniques for Project Management

          In course 3, you will learn how to build a risk-return analysis model to evaluate the efficacy of big project decisions. These models can be largely applied and adapted to any major decision in project management and utilize the probabilistic inputs from earlier courses in this series. Using this stochastic model, you will be able to identify what variables require more measurement in order to improve your decision making.

            Live Course 4: Tools and Techniques for Measurements in Project Management

            In the fourth course of the series, you will delve into developing decision-driven dashboards tailored to your organization’s risk tolerance. You will gain skills in creating automated dashboards that facilitate efficient decision-making and understand the nuances of communicating and determining risk tolerance with leadership. This course empowers you to transform data into actionable insights, enhancing your ability to manage projects with precision and foresight.

                Live Course 5: Implementation Issues and Strategies for the Project Management Office

                The fifth course focuses on the strategic aspects of the Project Management Office, emphasizing data-driven decision making, optimization of project portfolios, and effective stakeholder communication. This course equips you with the skills to not only manage individual projects efficiently but also to optimize the overall project landscape, facilitating enhanced communication with stakeholders and making decisions aligned with the broader strategic objectives of your organization.


                  Live Course 6: Statistical Measurement Methods in Excel: Basic

                  Get hands on experience using methods to analyze data and build models. There is an emphasis on regression methods as well as an introduction to the log odds ratio.

                      Live Course 7: Statistical Measurement Methods in Excel: Intermediate

                      This course introduces additional quantitative methods and includes a dynamic tool for doing multivariate regressions in Excel. Get hands on experience using methods to analyse data and build models. There is an emphasis on regression methods as well as an introduction to the log odds ratio.


                          5 Online Courses Delivered Through The AIE Academy

                            ONLINE Course 1: Calibration Training

                            Learning Objectives 

                            • Recognize flaws in qualitative risk assessments 
                            • Understand why quantitative risk assessment methods outperform commonly used “best practices” 
                            • Understand the misconceptions of measurement 
                            • Populate an initial risk model

                              Online Course 2: How to Measure Anything: Principles of AIE

                              Which decision-making methods work best? How does measuring “intangibles” relate to answering this question? This course covers the “why” as well as providing a simplified conceptual overview of the “how” for Applied Information Economics (AIE). Participants will learn about the research behind why some decision-making methods outperform others, and how the best methods depend on measurements

                                  Online Course 3: Decisions Under Uncertainty


                                  Learn how to understand how Monte Carlo models can be used to analyze a decision and give insight into planning further measurements as well as comparing the results to a stated risk tolerance.


                                      Online Course 4: Simulations in Excel: Basic

                                      Simulations have been shown to measurably improve estimates, but many decision models currently lack this critical element. Learn how to create simulations in native Microsoft Excel that can lead to better decisions in any field.

                                          Online Course 5: Simulations in Excel: Intermediate

                                          What’s the chance that a project will lose money or be cancelled? What’s the most likely return on investment for a given investment? How likely is a particular risk or set of risks to happen – and how severe could their impacts be?

                                          Learn how to improve on Creating Simulations (Basic) in native Microsoft Excel that can lead to better decisions in any field.


                                              12 INTERACTIVE Courses DEVELOPED TO MAKE YOU A LEADER IN YOUR FIELD

                                                Navigate Project Complexity: A Live Series for PM Analysts, Managers, and Executives

                                                Transformative Project Management Techniques for Quantitative Professionals

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                                                What you will get: 

                                                • 12 interactive video courses presented by Doug Hubbard
                                                • 25+ total hours of video content and online activities
                                                • A full set of Excel based power tools for analysis