The Future of Cybersecurity: Quantified, Clarified, Secured

Our Partnership with Crayon

Together We are Pushing the limits of quantitative analysis

    Crayon is a leader in optimizing IT environments for cloud migration and leveraging advanced data-driven solutions. Their expertise spans from conducting deep-dive assessments to ensure cost-effective cloud transitions to deploying innovative AI-powered solutions that drive continuous business value.

    From computer vision technologies to machine learning operations, Crayon harnesses the power of AI and data insights to revolutionize business operations. Recognized by industry giants like Gartner for their prowess, Crayon stands at the forefront of cloud and AI innovations.

    Here’s an example HDR + Crayon Project

      1. Intake

      HDR and Crayon will collect information from the client on Company size and industry as well as other questions to focus the analysis and compute details such as Risk Tolerance.

      2. SCuBA Scan

      Crayon will work with the Client’s IT department to run the scan in a safe manner with the most useful outputs.

      3. Quantitative Analysis

      HDR takes the results of the interview and scan and inputs it into a quantitative model rooted in industry standards but updated for the individual client.

      4. Our Joint Recommendations

      The HDR model and Crayon analysis will come together to provide easy recommendations to maximize return on investment for areas with the largest risk reductions.

      5. Mitigation Support

      Both Crayon and HDR can recommend specific actions to mitigate risks that may not have obvious solutions. Both companies can provide consulting services to dive deeper into risks and analyze the situation further, or directly mitigate risks with AI or other available tools

      Quantitative Cyber Risk Scan: Precision in Protection

        Dive deep into the world of tailored cybersecurity with a tool that doesn’t just identify, but quantifies and contextualizes vulnerabilities. Experience a modern approach to risk assessment, seamlessly blending cyber analysis with quantitative metrics, tailored to your enterprise.

        Leaders in the digital transformation frontier, Crayon harnesses its vast expertise in cloud solutions, AI development, and cyber analytics. Partnered with HDR’s unmatched skills in quantitative risk analysis and management, together we introduce a cutting-edge solution marrying technology and analytics.

          Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA)

          The Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA) project is a user-friendly and accessible tool designed to enhance cloud business application security


          Made available to the public at no cost, SCuBA offers users an independent assessment of their cloud environment, ensuring that their information and assets are protected efficiently.

          SCuBA’s primary features include the Technical Reference Architecture (TRA) and the extensible Visibility Reference Framework (eVRF). The TRA acts as a straightforward guide, helping users implement secure cloud deployment strategies and adopt modern security frameworks. Meanwhile, the eVRF allows users to easily identify and address potential visibility gaps in their cloud environment, ensuring that they are always a step ahead in threat mitigation.

          Additionally, in partnership with industry leaders, SCuBA has rolled out security controls for popular platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. These controls, available for free on platforms like GitHub, provide users with the assurance that their cloud applications are operating within a secure and modern digital framework. In summary, SCuBA is an invaluable, cost-free resource for anyone looking to fortify their cloud environment and gain peace of mind.

          A Partnership To Advance The Entire Industry

          Modernizing the landscape of Data

          A partnership between Hubbard Decision Research (HDR) and Crayon has the potential to revolutionize the landscape of quantitative decision-making and IT optimization. HDR, with its foundation in Applied Information Economics (AIE) and expertise in financial analysis and risk management, offers a robust framework for informed decision-making. When combined with Crayon’s prowess in cloud optimization and AI-driven solutions, the partnership could offer businesses unparalleled insights into cost savings, risk mitigation, and digital transformation opportunities.


            Where Data Meets Defense

            Our collaboration empowers organizations to not only measure the intangible aspects of their operations but also optimize them in real-time using Crayon’s advanced AI solutions. For instance, while HDR can quantify the risk associated with a particular business decision, Crayon’s AI tools could provide predictive analytics to foresee potential challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, with Crayon’s expertise in cloud governance and HDR’s risk assessment methodologies, businesses could achieve a seamless and cost-effective transition to the cloud, backed by data-driven strategies.

                Precision in Protection

                The joint expertise of both firms could lead to the development of new tools and platforms that integrate HDR’s AIE methodologies with Crayon’s AI and cloud solutions. This would provide businesses with a holistic platform for decision analysis, IT estate optimization, and innovation acceleration. In essence, a partnership between HDR and Crayon would blend the best of quantitative analysis with cutting-edge technological solutions, setting a new industry standard for informed, data-driven decision-making.


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