The VIP Subscription enables full access to Hubbard Decision Research’s extensive online document library and several AIE (Applied Information Economics) tools. It is the only way to get access to the AIE Monte Carlo tool which enables for the efficient and robust creations of business case simulations.

Not only are these AIE tools provided, but documentation as to their use; including real-world models from previous applications of the AIE method. VIP subscribers are able to access the content from anywhere with an Internet connection, or are encouraged to download what is needed and have it anywhere. There are frequent additions to the VIP subscription library as well as improved versions of the model added on a regular basis.

In addition to the AIE Monte Carlo tool, some of the other documents and tools include:

  • Instructions for Monte Carlo tool
  • Calibration exams
  • Equivalent bet dial simulator
  • Sampling size calculators
  • AIE workshop background materials
  • Research papers (i.e. foundations of information valuation)
  • Level 1 AIE analyst requirements
  • Real-world past AIE client deliverables


Use Restrictions

Users agree that Hubbard Decision Research grants licensed users a time-limited, non-transferable right to download and use this material within the licensed organization or by the licensed individual. Individuals may not distribute the material to unlicensed users with the exception of “Workshop” and “Marketing” category documents that are created for the purpose of distributing findings to a wider audience.

All other material including, but not limited to, spreadsheet macros and spreadsheet tools, may not be distributed without the express written consent of Hubbard Decision Research. “Licensed users agree to treat this as confidential information provided for the purpose of supporting licensed AIE users. Hubbard Decision Research retains copyrights to all of the documents shown here. Licensed users may use charts, figures, tables and other data from the “Research” category only with proper citation of the original author.