Intro Webinar: How to Measure Anything in Project Management


In this two-hour, introductory webinar session, you will get an executive overview of what is wrong with current methods in measurement and risk assessment in project management. We will outline real solutions that are based on real quantitative methods which have scientific evidence of improving decisions.

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This 2-hour installment in Doug Hubbard’s successful “How to Measure Anything” series will reveal how quantitative methods, using prepared spreadsheet templates, can be applied to even the most difficult measurement problems in project management. Douglas Hubbard will describe how to use his methods to measure any intangible, think of risk like an actuary, and look at project management decisions in a quantitative way that is proven to improve decision-making performance.

The session consists of an introductory overview of the topics listed below that are covered more extensively in our private HTMA: PM Seminar:

  • Understanding what’s wrong with current PM “measurements” like risk matrices
  • Thinking about project measurements and project risk more like a scientist and actuary
  • Approving and prioritizing projects
  • Building a Monte Carlo Simulation of a project with Excel
  • Knowing what to measure based on the Value of Information calculations
  • Modeling and measuring the risk of project failure
  • Assessing the true cost of scope creep
  • Assessing team performance and project “intangibles”
  • Modeling and measuring resource risk such as turnover, key person risk, etc.
  • Conducting measurements before, during and after a project using prepared Excel spreadsheets

The goal is that each participant will be informed about how they can measurably improve project performance today - and reap benefits for the future.

Scheduling and Deliverables

Each participant will receive a Teams invite 1 week prior to the webinar date. The presentations are recorded. Following the presentation, each participant will receive another email with a link to the recording of their purchased session.

No preparation for this course is necessary but course materials and an optional post-session quiz are available at under Course Materials.

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Intro-HTMA-Project Management Dates

Thursday, September 12 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US CDT (UTC-5)