Calibrated Probability Assessments (Live Workshop date confirmed on completion of CBT)

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During the Calibrated Probability Assessments training, you will learn the techniques behind subjectively assessing the probability of uncertain events and the ranges of uncertain quantities. This is an essential skill for anyone who needs to consider chance in decisions. Participants will see their skills measurably improve during the training with a series of “calibration exams.” This course includes 1 hour delivered via Computer-Based Training (CBT), 2 hours delivered via Live Workshop, Excel templates, and reference material.

How to Choose Date for the Live Workshop: CBT must be completed before attending the Live Workshop. You will be enrolled in the online course within 24 hours of purchase. After completion of the CBT you’ll choose from a list of Live Workshop dates.

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Calibration is one of the most powerful and proven ways to improve decision-making. In this Calibration training, participants will learn how to assess subjective probabilities in a way that can be both measured and measurably improved. Each participant will see their ability to assess probabilities improve during a series of exercises where they are required to make estimates of uncertain quantities. Between exercises, they will learn additional techniques to continuously improve each estimate. By the end of the training, participants will see that their assigned probabilities reflect real uncertainty – that is, they are right 80% of the time they are 80% confident, 90% of the time they are 90% confident, and so on. This is a skill that will stick with those who learn it for a long time and will completely change how they think about estimations and probabilistic models.

Scheduling and Deliverables: Each participant will receive an email from WordPress (within 24 hours of registration) with instructions to complete the CBT. Once the CBT is completed, you can choose the date for your Live Workshop. Upon making your choice, an appointment will be sent to your calendar containing the Webex information. Just click on the link to join the Webex on the scheduled day.  After the session, participants will be sent a recording of the Live Workshop and will be directed to finish a short final review quiz in the CBT course.

Creating an Account: All CBT modules are delivered via LearnDash in a User account. You’ll be given an option to create a User account upon check out. If you do not create an account at that time (or do not already have one), you will be prompted by email to create one.

Schedule a Private Webinar for Your Organization: We offer private webinar sessions for an organization with special discounted group rates. Contact us for more information and to schedule your next training session.


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