How To Measure Anything: Principles of Applied Information Economics (Asynchronous)


Which decision-making methods work best? How does measuring “intangibles” relate to answering this question? This course covers the “why” as well as providing a simplified conceptual overview of the “how” for Applied Information Economics (AIE). Participants will learn about the research behind why some decision-making methods outperform others, how the best methods depend on measurements, and how anything – literally anything – can be measured if it matters at all to a real decision.

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This is the first review of the methods used in Applied Information Economics (AIE). AIE is a decision-making method consisting of a collection of techniques that have each been shown to measurably improve estimates or decisions. This course is geared toward executives that need a conceptual understanding of the process without getting into the details of the quantitative methods involved. This overview covers the following:

  • What the research says about decision making - we will review how published research measured the performance of different methods and concluded that certain quantitative methods outperform them all.
  • How to measure anything. We reveal how to overcome a key perceived obstacle to adopting these quantitative methods...the idea that some things just can't be measured. We explain that the perception of immeasurability is always based on one or more of three reasons, all of which are based on misconceptions.
  • Making a practical process.  Finally, now that we have shown how quantitative methods can apply even where issues were previously thought to be immeasurable, we show how all the pieces come together. We show the steps in the AIE process, how it has been applied in many industries and surprising ways it changes your decisions.

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