How to Measure Anything in Innovation: AI Edition


What do we mean by innovation? Can we measure it? And if we can measure it, can we get better at innovating? This two-hour webinar will explain how better measurements can lead to better innovative results.

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How innovative is your organization? What if you could measure it? What would you do with this information? What does being innovative really mean?

This is a two-hour webinar applying the concepts of How to Measure Anything to common and complicated problems facing organizations who want to unlock the practical consequences of innovation, but aren’t sure how to define, measure, and optimize initiatives.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Defining what innovation means and exactly what you want to achieve
  • Why measuring innovation and creativity is not only possible, but practical and critical
  • How misunderstandings about measurement methods get in the way of measuring innovation and creativity
  • Practical suggestions for choosing the right things to measure about innovation
  • How to evaluate innovative initiatives

Participants will leave the session armed with the insight needed to move away from either not measuring innovation at all or using flawed, unscientific “soft” methods and move toward scientific methods that deliver results beyond what you are currently doing - before your competition does.

Scheduling and Deliverables

Each participant will receive a Teams invite 1 week prior to the webinar date. The presentations are recorded. Following the presentation, each participant will receive another email with a link to the recording of their purchased session.

No preparation for this course is necessary but course materials and an optional post-session quiz are available at under Course Materials.

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HTMA in Innovation: AI Edition Dates

Thursday, June 6 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm US CDT (UTC-6)