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“While using Lens Model (multiple regression), I am getting negative scores for a few parameters and positive scores for few others. I am computing the score using the formula:

– <Coeff of parameter-1>*Val of parameter-1+<Coeff of parameter-2>*Val of parameter-2….+Intercept.

Since few parameters are showing -ve scores and others +ve (considering few have -ve correlation-coeff and others have +ve correlation-coeff), how do I formulate weights?”

I’m a little confused by your message. The coefficients in a regression model ARE the “weights”. The output of a regression analysis includes the coefficients. A regression analysis is how the weights are computed for a Lens model (the former is a tool for the later, they are not the same thing).

Are you actually performing a least-squares best-fit linear regression analysis? Are you using the regression tool in Excel? Just making a formula with parameters and coefficients is not a linear regression.

Getting negative coefficients is not necessarily a problem, since that actually makes sense for many situations (examples of negative coefficients include criminal convictions and income, body fat and life expectancy, driving speed and mileage, etc.) If you are doing an actual regression, then getting negative values is not a problem. It can even be an expected outcome.

Perhaps you can describe what you are attempting to do in more detail.


Doug Hubbard