Do Amazon book ranks tell us anything?  Sure, they convey something about the popularity of a given book, but looking a the current rank of a book on Amazon is just a snapshot of a fairly volatile number.  It would be much more useful if we could see how the ranks of books have changed over time.  Fortunately, that is fairly easy to do.

 The site allows anyone to track Amazon sales ranks of up to ten books.  I track my books on Metric Junkie and I see how the ranks change when my publisher does a promotion, when an ad comes out in a magazine, when I’m interviewed by a radio host, when I speak at a conference, and so on.  Since I also track some other books in similar categories, I can even see that their are seasonal and weekly cycles that affect all business books.

This site made me wonder if this could tell us even more.  Can the ranks of books about a topic like buying homes or how to interview for a job tell use something about bigger trends than the sales of a single book?  I think it is possible and that is part of the topic of my next book.

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