• Client: A Global Leader in Agricultural Sciences
  • Industry: Crop Science
  • Objective: To forecast and prioritize new corn varieties to maximize future product success.

Executive Summary

Our client, a trailblazer in agricultural sciences, sought to gain a predictive edge in the crop science arena by being able to accurately forecast which crop varieties from their diverse portfolio would yield the most success in the upcoming years. With the help of HDR’s robust Risk Return Analysis (RRA) model, they could optimize their selection process and set the stage for groundbreaking efficiency in crop production.



In the dynamic field of crop science, the challenge was multi-faceted: predicting agricultural product success in an environment fraught with uncertainties such as climate change, market demand, and regulatory shifts. Our client needed a measurement and a prioritization system that could sift through the complexities and forecast the performance of prospective products in their pipeline.



The HDR team crafted a comprehensive RRA model that integrated historical data, current market trends, and expert insights. The model enabled a data-driven approach to evaluate the myriad of potential corn varieties and isolate those with the highest potential returns, ensuring that the client’s resources were allocated to products most likely to succeed.



Our predictive model served as a crystal ball for the client, providing highly accurate forecasts that the client was able to verify against actual market data. As a result, the client was empowered to make informed decisions that enhanced their portfolio performance substantially.



By leveraging the RRA model developed by HDR, our client achieved a phenomenal leap in their ability to forecast and prioritize future corn varieties, marking a new era in agricultural productivity. This strategic advantage not only propelled their research and development efforts but also reinforced their position as a visionary leader in crop science.

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