• Client: An Established Midwestern Financial Institution
  • Industry: Banking
  • Objective: To develop the bank’s cybersecurity framework through in-depth workshops, empowering internal teams to manage and improve their cyber risk analysis using HDR’s models.

Executive Summary

With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, a prominent financial institution recognized the urgent need to elevate their cybersecurity posture. They partnered with HDR to enhance their internal capabilities in identifying, assessing, and managing cyber risks. HDR’s model provided a structured and consistent framework, while their coaching ensured the bank’s team fully grasped the complexities of cybersecurity risk analysis, enabling them to independently handle their defense strategies effectively.



Despite having an existing cybersecurity protocol, the financial institution’s approach to risk analysis was inadequate for the increasingly dynamic threats they faced. There was a significant need to refine their strategy to quantify and manage cyber risks more effectively. The challenge lay in adopting a method that was both comprehensive and could be seamlessly integrated into their day-to-day operations.



HDR addressed this challenge head-on by providing expert-led cybersecurity workshops tailored to the institution’s context. An HDR-crafted template version of their advanced cybersecurity model was shared, along with strategic training sessions. This enabled the bank’s team to extensively train and eventually take full ownership of their cyber risk analysis. Furthermore, HDR furnished the team with additional tools like the Lens modeling method and various estimation techniques, thoroughly equipping them to maintain robust cybersecurity independently.



The intensive training and the practical adoption of HDR’s models yielded remarkable results. The financial institution’s internal security team could now effectively identify potential threats, assess their impact, and prioritize mitigation efforts profoundly. This strategic transformation empowered the institution to safeguard its assets, customer data, and reputation more robustly than ever before.



The advanced workshops and model implementation orchestrated by HDR culminated in a comprehensive boon to the financial institution’s cybersecurity measures. The strengthened defenses, coupled with the ability to conduct in-depth internal risk analyses, established the bank as a paragon of digital safety within the industry, ready to take on the future’s challenges.

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