Capital Blue Cross

Case Study by Richard Pastore, Analysis by Doug Hubbard
CIO Enterprise Magazine, 02/15/2000

CIO staff writer Richard Pastore writes a case study about how Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg, PA evaluated a proposed decision-support system. Doug Hubbard then finishes with a commentary on the pros and cons of their approach. [view article]

The IT Measurement Inversion

By Douglas Hubbard
CIO Enterprise Magazine, 04/15/1999

This article is about our research on the value of measurements and measurement priorities. We find that if “information value” were properly quantified in most IT CBA’s, we would see that IT measurement priorities are backward. [view article]

Hurdling Risk

By Douglas Hubbard
CIO Enterprise Magazine, 06/15/1998

Hurdle rates are a minimum-ROI criterion used by some companies as approval of IT investments. Our research shows that if a proper Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) approach is used, most IT hurdle rates are far too low. [view article]

Everything is Measurable

By Douglas Hubbard
CIO Enterprise Magazine, 11/15/1997

This article is our classic and oft-quoted refutation of the idea of “intangibles” in IT. All perceived intangibles are actually an illusion caused by one of three types of misconceptions about measurement. [view article]