I talked to someone who has both a vision as well as an impressive track record for marketing.  Tim Peter (www.timpeter.com) describes his services on his website as “proven solutions to improve your e-commerce results and your Internet marketing”.

I came across his site because I got a Google Alert on a flattering review he had written for How to Measure Anything and another review he wrote for Pulse on his blog (so, yes, I might be a bit biased in my review of Tim).  But my first impression was actually when I checked his sites rank on Alexa.com.  Checking the Alexa.com rank is now a habit I have when anyone who asks me for a radio interview, to contribute content in some way, or if I see any review of my books I read in blogs.   I found that for someone who has only been in business for 6 months, his traffic outranks many small SEO and marketing firms.  His traffic also is higher than mine and I’ve been promoting my site and the services described on it for many years.

After confirming his credentials on Alexa, I gave him a call and we talked for a while about his area of expertise.  He seemed to me to have a lot of insight in the issue of webmarketing and he tries to measure it – which, as you know, makes me a fan of what he does.  Check out his site and talk to him if you are looking for that kind of service.

Doug Hubbard