Seminar Plus

This seminar is presented by Douglas Hubbard at your facility and includes a one-day business analyst training course and a one-day workshop on how to implement what you learned directly to your organization. This business analyst training seminar is for up to 15 members of your team, including those in upper management and those who are hands-on analysts. Through this business analyst training you will learn all of the content from the Applied Information Economics Part I and II, see practical demonstrations of measuring intangibles, quantify uncertainty and risk, learn to compute the value of information, and see how these methods will improve your business’ measurements and decisions.

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Day 1

Applied Information Economics Part I

On day one of the seminar, team members will take a look at the Applied Information Economics Part I, which is an overview of the Applied Information Economics method. Team members will learn about the dangerous pitfalls of decision making and risk assessment methods. They will learn how to think about risk quantitatively, view simulations, and learn of the radical effect that Applied Information Economics can have on how you measure things for your business and the decisions you make.

Applied Information Economics Part II

This section of day one of the seminar will build further on Applied Information Economics and focus on practical examples and cases. In Part II we will delve deeper into Douglas Hubbard’s second book The Failure of Risk Management and participants will be involved with the application of the Applied Information Economics method in practical IT investment problems including:

  • Converting the basic business case to a Monte Carlo case with calibrated estimates
  • Computing information values and designing measurements
  • Plotting results against risk/return preferences
  • Conducing basic portfolio optimization

Day 2

The second day of the business analyst training focuses on how Applied Information Economics methods can be applied to specific issues in your organization including performance metrics, investment portfolios, cost/benefit analysis, and risk management. The outcome is to identify the specific, actionable next steps to get your organization on the path to improved measurements and management decisions.

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(NOTE: Travel costs not included in price.)