Through Friday, August 7th, HDR has an AIE Academy introductory offer available on our new AIE Analyst Series, which now includes several new AIE courses. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar discount of all your previous webinar expenditures, up to 75% off the price of the new AIE Analyst Series, per person – if you book by Friday, August 7th.

The new AIE Analyst Series regular price is $1,950. This means you could take the entire series for as little as $487.50, if you have at least $1,462.50 in previous webinar expenditures. If you have more than $1,462.50 is previous webinar expenditures, invite a friend or colleague and (based on your remaining spend) they could also receive up to 75% off the series as well. This offer includes recordings of all courses in the series and access to online materials, even if you are unable to attend some or all of the live workshops.

Regular Prices on new courses included in the AIE Analyst Series:

  • Calibrated Probability Assessments – $580 (AIE Academy Introductory Price: $325)
  • Advanced Calibration Methods – $995 (AIE Academy Introductory Price: $550)
  • Creating Simulations in Excel: Basic – $375 (AIE Academy Introductory Price: $310)
  • Creating Simulations in Excel: Intermediate – $375 (AIE Academy Introductory Price: $310)
  • One Elective Course – $150 (AIE Academy Introductory Price: $95)

(For Elective Course, Choose from: HTMA in Project Mgt, HTMA in Innovation, HTMA in Cybersecurity Risk, Failure of Risk Management)

Even courses that were part of the previous AIE Analyst series, such as Decisions Under Uncertainty and Empirical Measurements, have new methods and new spreadsheet tools.  And now the new Computer Based Training (CBT) components mean that you can review hours of content at your own pace and take the review quizzes online.

If you have any questions or if you are interested to take advantage of this offer, please contact us at to verify your previous webinar expenditures and to receive your unique promo code in order to claim your personalized discount at checkout.

Please click here to visit the AIE Analyst Series page of our website for more details and the date options for all courses included. 

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