Meter Readers

Case Study by Debby Young, analysis by Douglas Hubbard
CIO Enterprise Magazine, 01/15/2001

A case study written by Debby Young explains how Wisconsin Gas evaluated e-commerce projects with a method called “Loyalty Value Added”. In the “Critical Analysis” column Doug Hubbard explains that this is an impressive step in the right direction. However, there are two common pitfalls in using Real Option Valuation and probabilistic models that Wisconsin Gas (and everyone else) need to watch out for. [inactive link]

An Audit Tale

Case Study by Debby Young, Analysis by Doug Hubbard
CIO Enterprise Magazine, 05/01/2000

Debby Young writes a case study on how Mitre Corp, a not-for-profit providing IT consulting to the federal government, conducted a post-audit on a major enterprise application. Doug Hubbard’s commentary includes kudos for the measurement efforts but Mr. Hubbard suggests a more scientific probabilistic approach. And, once again, Mr. Hubbard points out that the intangibles really aren’t. [view article]